Weekend in Oregon

Saturday at the Ocean

1. Get picked up by Irene and Whitney in the morning.
2. Stop by Stumptown for good coffee and McDonald’s for an obligatory road trip breakfast.
3. Head south and stop in Astoria at Rogue Brewery for some fluffy-crusted sausage pizza.
4. Encounter some sleepy, some scratchy, but mostly noisy sea lions.
5. Drive to Cannon Beach and visit Ecola State Park.
6. Walk along the paved paths for a view of the coastal cliffs. Inhale the brisk ocean air.

Cannon Beach, OR - 01

7. Make our way down to Indian beach. Stay a while.
8. Run around, place in sand, toss a frisbee, and feel the icy cold saltwater on our feet.

Cannon Beach, OR - 05

9. Go into town for snacks: a fig and prosciutto crepe, a coffee, and an ice cream cone.
10. Get struck by awe at the size of Haystack rock. Wonder “How did that happen?”

Cannon Beach, OR - 10

11. Travel to Portland and check into hotel before dinner in the Pearl District.
12. Start with mussels in an orange sambuca butter sauce and a guava margarita.
13. After dinner have beers at a dive bar that embraces black light.

Sunday in Portlandia
1. Enjoy gluten-free vegan local blueberry cornbread pancakes and “garden sausage”.
2. Have gas filled by an attendant as required by law.
3. Buy notebooks and cards at a paper store. Find out it’s where “Put a Bird on It” was filmed.
4. Get pedicures and drink free champagne while watching a Korean soap opera.

Portlandia - 07

5. Spend all day shopping tax-free in the Alphabet District.
6. Visit boutique clothing stores. Buy a dress and some earrings.
7. Notice Portland retail themes of birds and cattle skulls.
8. Stop for tarts at a bakery. End up with box of 16 sweets. Get free sugar cookies.
9. Drive back north and eat scrumptious blackberry almond macaroons.
10. Go far and stop in Olympia for some Thai food and get crispy sweet and sour fish.
11. Arrive in Seattle and get dropped off at home by our wonderful two friends.