Retroactive To Do List with Ryan:

1. Play with Lincoln.
2. Have Mexican brunch at Barrio.
3. Stroll to QFC for groceries.
4. Find bench and nurse hungry baby.
5. Share bench with homeless men.
6. Introduce Lincoln while waiting for Ryan.
7. Stroll home and push groceries uphill.
8. Make baby laugh for five month photoshoot.
9. Pump milk and clean bottles.
10. Take nap.
11. Drive to UVillage and add name to Din Tai Fung list.
12. Browse Papersource, Village Maternity, Container Store, and Windows Store.
13. Overindulge at Blue C Sushi.
14. Drive home and play with hyper Lincoln.
15. Read stories to laughing Lincoln.
16. Soothe teething Lincoln.
17. Go to bed.