Fourth of July Weekend

It doesn’t quite feel like summer in Seattle until the fourth of July. This weekend in the 80’s confirmed it. Thursday night kick off after work celebrating Marky’s birthday with beers and Thai food with his family. Friday morning brunch at our house with Zoë and Eric over. Paper shopping and a facial at U-Village. Surprise sneak peak of fireworks at home. Saturday was errands, running into Val at Elliott Bay, crafting Ernelyn’s gift, followed by amazing evening at Dahlia Lounge celebrating her 40th birthday with family. Sunday was dim sum with Jules, doing chores around the house, naps, mass, and then pizza dinner with Courtney and Sean at Z & E’s rooftop as the sun set. All while Lincoln crawled, screeched, laughed, kept us up late, played, impressed, and generally became a major handful. It was a good long weekend.