My 100th Happy Day

After seeing inspiring posts from Jessica P and Maria B on Facebook, I decided to also take the 100 Happy Days Challenge. Each day I wrote one tweet describing what made happy that day. I’ve done a gratitude journal before but this was fun trying to convey my gratitude in 140 characters or less on my phone each evening. It was also easier than a journal since I am on my phone at the end of the day anyway. And while it did not mean that all 100 of my days were necessarily happy, it forced me to find those moments (e.g. the first bite of a sundae, Lincoln’s smile) on bad days too, which I suppose is the whole point!

Since this is officially my 100th happy day, I decided it warranted a post instead of just a tweet.

Day 100: Finding out L slept over 8 hours straight for the first time in weeks. Being up at 6am and feeling awake. Reading. Meditating. Napping. Leaving the house before 10am on a Sunday morning. Going on a walk with Ryan and L in the stroller over to breakfast. Meeting Zoe at Tallulah’s and agreeing this place was legit.


Receiving poetry and jewelry. Having the best blueberry pancake of my life.


Strolling around Volunteer Park, the grocery, and a bakery on the way home. Buying a bracelet. Basically spending nearly 4 hours out in the sun walking around our neighborhood.


Lincoln napping. Practicing yoga for the first time in months. Coming home to sleeping baby. Thinking of that pancake again and remembering I bought myself a blueberry lemon cake at the bakery. Lincoln making people smile at mass. Lincoln laughing at the house.

Thanks #100happydays! What next? #morehappydays? #100babydays? #100workdays? Hmmm.