I Don’t Understand the Question

I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith and loved it.

Pitt and Jolie

Last night Ryan and I went and saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith at the Bellevue Galleria. I’ve wanted to see this movie since I first saw the trailer but have been reluctant to take anyone to see it with me, worried that it’d totally flop. But still hankering for a fun summer movie (Cinderella Man and Crash were the alternative standbys), I decided to give it a shot and hope for the best.

Conclusion: It’s delightfully witty, fun, action-packed and pretty hilarious. The comedy surprisingly outshined the action. The ongoing theme of assasin-action/suburban-monotony contrast (i.e. car chase in mini-van, use of knives in the household, etc.) was a fun one that the moviemakers took full advantage of. Pitt and Jolie’s chemistry and dialogue were great, and the action wasn’t half bad. This is definitely the summer action flick that I was looking for.






7 responses to “I Don’t Understand the Question”

  1. onifur Avatar

    Lol, glad you liked it. I thought it was entertaining, but my friend was bored out of her mind, too much of a movie critic i guess.

  2. Manny Avatar

    I liked it for about the first hour. After that, I just got bored by their overused jokes and catch phrases. Just not my cup of tea. 😮

  3. ca Avatar

    I’ve kinda sworn off any movie with Angelina Jolie in it. Which is kinda too bad, because I happen to like Brad Pitt. I guess it’s my loss.

  4. Jamie Avatar

    But she’s so hot! Haha, jk, that’s actually pretty understandable. And yeah, I was seriously surprised I liked it as much as I did, especially after reading the plethora of reviews that drove my reluctance to watch. But I found myself enjoying every moment, even the cheesiest parts, who knows. =)

  5. kOOn Avatar

    OMG!!!! I’ve seen both Cinderella Man and Crash, and I would gladly attend a screening of either with you if you choose to go watch them. THey both roxed my sox and I happen to not care too much about Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Haven’t seen it, probably won’t, but if you have nothing to do, and even if you do, go watch Crash. Your life will be better for seeing it. I promise you.

  6. Jamie Avatar

    Aaw. Yeah, I know. I’ve seen the trailer for Crash and that alone blew me away. However, I don’t do too well with movies about racial intolerance. :/


    From the first moment I saw a coming attraction a few months back, I had the highest hopes for MR AND MRS SMITH. It would rock. It was going to be awesome. Then I saw it. It didn’t. It wasn’t….